Orthopaedic spine surgeon calls on Gov’t to invest in cloning

Dr Kingsley Chin — an orthopaedic spine surgeon, entrepreneur and CEO of KIC Ventures — is suggesting that the Jamaican Government invest in the use of cloning technology, to ensure consistent quality in the livestock industry.

“For example, pick a pig right now and you say everyone likes it; it’s great tasting meat. It’s exactly what you want — the ability to get that every time is gonna be incredible for the society, so I think Jamaica should invest in cloning, starting with livestock,” the Harvard-trained doctor argued.

Dr Chin made the call Friday as he addressed the second day of the three-day Tech Beach Retreat at Secrets Resort Montego Bay, St James.

He further argued that after the initial introduction of the technology into livestock, government should then carry it over into the agricultural sector.

“[The government] should also invest in cloning in agriculture as well. Think about all of the diseases that affect our plants. I grew up in Buff Bay, I grew up by the ocean, and coconut trees used to be there and Jamaicans didn’t really see a value in that. Well now coconut water meat make so many by-products. Various thing from this one plant,” he said.

He added: “If Jamaica should invest in technology like cloning that would be powerful because now we could invest in actually producing the best quality agriculture products and reproducing it over and over so that means that your quality is guaranteed.”

Tech Beach gathers local and international investors, entrepreneurs and executives for a weekend of knowledge, ideas and opportunity exchange.

International guests representing companies from North America, Europe, Africa and the wider Caribbean are participating in the event.

FEATURED IMAGE: Dr Kingsley Chin at Tech Beach Retreat Friday.

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