For further information on joining the TCOS, please contact us vial telephone or email address found on the contact page. Our membership directory is listed below.

Membership Listing

Last Name First Name Country
Adams Paul Barbados
Ali Terry Trinidad & Tobago
Araujo Godfrey Trinidad & Tobago
Bacot Brian USVI
Carrington Randy Barbados
Chambers Carlton Bahamas
Chase Jeff US Virgin Islands
Chode Prasad Barbados
Felix Richard St Lucia
Herzig Matthias Cayman
Hillsman Regina USA
Hugh Ivan (Tony) United Kingdom
Jeffers Horatius St Lucia
Jeffrey Fawcett Guyana
Jones Jerome Barbados
Jones Kevin Jamaica
Joseph Terrence Guyana
Leal Carlos Columbia
Lousaing Derrick Trinidad & Tobago
Mansingh Akshai Jamaica
McDowell Derrick Jamaica
Mencia Marlon Trinidad & Tobago
Minott Mark Jamaica
Neil Ian Jamaica
Palmer Wayne Jamaica
Phillips Winston Bahamas
Rose Christopher Jamaica
Sawh Dayanand Jamaica
Seale Winston Barbados
Singh KK Antigua
Thompson Sean USA
Toby David Trinidad & Tobago
Vaughan Kenneth Jamaica
Vijayendra Jithendra Jamaica
Waite Philip Jamaica
Woods Charles St Vincent

Qualification of Members

There should be five classes of members:

  • Active Members
  • Emeritus Members
  • Associate Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Life Members

The qualifications for membership in the respective classes are as follows:

Active Members

Membership is open to any individual who has successfully completed training in orthopaedic surgery at an institution acceptable to the Board of Directors and is licensed by his/her local Medical Council to practice orthopaedic surgery and who is actively engaged in orthopaedic surgical practice.

Emeritus Members

Members are eligible to become Emeritus Members on attaining the age of 65 and/or are considered by the Board of Directors to have retired from active practice.

Associate Members

Associate Membership is open to Residents enrolled in recognized Orthopaedic Training Programmes in the Caribbean and to other medical practitioners who are not orthopaedic surgeons but whose practice involve a special interest in orthopaedics. Associate Members who qualify for orthopaedic surgeons have automatically become full members of the Association from the date of their license to practice orthopaedic surgery. It is incumbent on such members to inform the Honorary Secretary of the Association, in writing, of their registration as an orthopaedic surgeon as soon as possible.

Honorary Members

Honorary Membership may be conferred on individuals of international repute in the field of orthopaedic surgery. Honorary Membership may also be conferred on individuals who have made distinguished contributions to Orthopaedics in general or to the Association in particular and who do not otherwise meet the qualification for Active Membership.

Life Members

Life Membership may be conferred on persons who have rendered distinguish services to the Association and who are members of the Association.

Applications for Admission to Active Membership of TCOS

Application for admission to Active Membership must be supported by objective as well as professional and personal information including:

  • Certificate of Medical Registration in their locality of practice
  • Proof of successful completion of Post-Graduate Orthopaedic Surgery Training
  • The support of two Referees who are Active Members
  • Any other requirement as may be determined by the Board of Directors

An Application for Associate Membership must be supported by a letter of referral from the Director of the Residents’ Training Programme or in the case of other medical practitioners’ referral from an Active or Emeritus Member.